Particle Feed

During the four days of the DLD Conference in Munich this visual data sculpture commissioned by the creative studio Monomango aesthetically grew according to the trending topics of the DLD Conference discussed on Twitter. 
Every tweet related to the conference's topics, or tweets made from the conferences location became alive in the ever growing particle system displayed on a irregularly arranged multiscreen installation inside the main entrance hall. The longer the conference took place and the heavier the discussion were on social media, the more vivid the visual became. The particle simulation reacted immediately to any impulse from social media with dramatic colour changes or turbulences changing the overall direction of the system. Ultimately bringing the responses and discussions in social media back into the venue.


My role in this project was the start to end development of the particle system. Lead by the conception and creative direction of Monomango my task was to define and program the details of the visual aesthetics as well as determining the interactive aspect of the social media impact on the visual.
The social media reactive particle system was developed in TouchDesigner and was listening to the real-time stream of Twitter using the Twitter API using Python. 

Concept and Creative Direction: Monomango
Technical Production: Monomango