Deep Web

Deep Web is an Audio-Visual Installation by Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke. It premiered in 2016 at the CTM Festival in Berlin at the outstanding location Kraftwerk. The installation consists of 125 individually moveable kinetic spheres, 12 high precision lasers and a spatialized multi channel sound score. Deep Web was shown as a self progressing installation as well as a live performance.


My role in this project was to co-design the visual patterns as well as programming the complete visual output including the kinetic choreography as well as the laser beams.
The visual choreography was coded in TouchDesigner, and is tightly connected to Ableton Live. The content is generated in real-time by the software and distributed to the kinetic system and the Lasers via Art-Net and OSC. 
The real-time feedback of the kinetic spheres' positions was used to track the movement and aim the laser beam to hit the spheres precisely. The laser calibration was done by LaserAnimation Sollinger.
The basis of the Kinetic Lights Control Software was developed by Markus Heckmann from derivative.

Artist: Christopher Bauder
Sound-Artist: Robert Henke
Production: WHITEvoid
Technology: Kinetic Lights
Lasers: LaserAnimation Sollinger
Photography: Ralph Larmann