APOLOGUE 2047 Edition I is a large scale performance created by the renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimou. Our piece was the closing act called "Weaving Machine" and was a tightly choreographed kinetic composition in perfect interplay with the dancer. 


My role in this project was to co-design the visual patterns with Christopher Bauder as well as programming the the kinetic choreography of the spheres.
The visual choreography was coded in TouchDesigner, and is tightly connected to a proprietary timeline tool driven by timecode. The content is generated in real-time by the software and distributed to the kinetic system via Art-Net. 
Further patterns and details were coded by Manuel Bossard. The basis of the Kinetic Lights Control Software was developed by Markus Heckmann from derivative.

Artist: Zhang Yimou
Kinetic Concept: Christopher Bauder
Kinetic Programming: Daniel Dalfovo
Technology: Kinetic Lights
Light Beams: ROBE Pointe
Photography: Christopher Bauder